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Representing Clients In Diverse Industry Sectors

Since 1994, the boutique firm of Paykin Krieg & Adams, LLP, has worked diligently to protect the interests of clients across many industries. Our lawyers are familiar with the unique challenges that arise in each sector and market. We draw on that knowledge to provide effective solutions for clients from startups to Fortune 500 corporations.

Learn more about some of our representative clients:

Banking & Finance
Irwin Franchise Capital Corp.
Kent Recovery Services, LLC
Liberty Bank
Pinnacle Equity Partners, LLC
Magna Securities Corp.
Newlight Capital, LLC
Reliant Star Capital, Inc.
Effex Capital, LLC

Media, Entertainment & Public Relations
The Investor Relations Group
The Baddish Group
David LaChapelle
Black Hammer Productions, Inc.
Long Island Rough Riders

Building & Construction
Chilmark Builders, LLC
The Smedley Group
Quadrozzi Concrete Corp.
Ronsco, Inc.
Schiavone Construction
Ehrenkrantz Eckstut & Kuhn Architects
Cooper & Partners
Studium, Inc.

Food Services 
Bartlett Dairy, Inc.
Drinks America Corp.
Farmland Fresh Dairies, LLC
Vitalicious, Inc.

Real Estate
Rhodium Capital Advisors
The Lightstone Group
Belle Shores Condominium
Quadrozzi Realty Corp.
MDJTK Holdings, LLC
Belmonte 132, LLC
Cosenza 134, LLC
Corner 160 Associates, Inc.
Mall 92-30 Associates, LLC

American International Group, Inc.
National Union Fire Insurance
Company of Pittsburgh, PA
Zurich American Insurance Group
New York Life
Total Dollar Insurance Company
Meadowbrook Richman, Inc.
MRI Administration Solutions Corp.

Aphena Pharma Solutions Holdings, LLC
BAASS Business Solutions, LLC
Mercato Transport, LLC
DC Logistics, LLC

Professional And Sophisticated Legal Solutions

Our legal services for businesses span a wide range of areas. We serve as outside general counsel and provide guidance on business disputes, regulatory enforcement actions, business transactions and more. Clients rely on us for sophisticated solutions rooted in a thorough understanding of their business as well as the costs and benefits involved.

Learn more about our legal services by calling 212-725-4423 or sending us an email.