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Nassau County Surrogate Dismisses Objections to Amended Interim Accounting and Denies Cross-Claim to Disallow Executor Commissions

On Behalf of | May 22, 2019 | BLOG, NEWS ARTICLE

In a recent decision the Nassau County Surrogate granted summary judgment in favor of the Executor and dismissed in its entirety eleven objections to the Amended Interim Accounting.  The Court found that the objections were related to ministerial issues and did not affect the accuracy of the accounting data. In addition, the Court dismissed the Objectant’s cross-claim seeking to disallow executor commissions, finding that any challenge to commissions can only be raised after the final account of executor has been filed. Accounting by James. J. Mahon, as Executor of the Estate of Mitchell S. Pines, Surrogate’s Court Nassau County (File No.: 2013-373646).